About Us

Institution Sales Department

Taifa Gas offers customized and tailored solutions targeting institutions such as schools, hospitals, hotels and restaurants aimed at increasing efficiency and productivity in business.

Our Institution’s sales department is dedicated to these customers who need bulk tanks and a network of pipelines as well as cookers to enable them use LPG for boiling, heating as well as cooking. Our specialized department has well developed technical capacity to carry out safe installations for our customers.

Being in possession of the country’s biggest LPG storage capacity, a countrywide depot network and delivery trucks in all zones, Taifa gas institution department supplies LPG in storage equipment in a range of sizes from 200kgs, 800kgs, 1000kgs, 2000kgs and 5000kgs, across the country, thus ensuring that all our customers are well reached by our products.  

This segment offers a 24/7 dedicated customer care service that ensures that our clients are served at all times.

Through our countrywide network, we ensure client satisfaction through product availability at all times.

Our products are affordable, safe and easy to use.